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NH is a responsible protagonist in the environmental, social and health and safety aspects.

Its core activity is the rendering of services with the aim of doing more and with quality.

NEYA Hotels is committed to applying the best environmental and safety practices, as well as the best corporate social responsibility principles, in its business strategy.


Our objectives:

Nh Politica Qasrs 07 E1637337295612 To understand and adapt to our clients requirements;

Nh Politica Qasrs 07 E1637337295612 Contribute to a cleaner, purer and more responsible planet;

Nh Politica Qasrs 07 E1637337295612 Control and enhance energy savings, reducing the consumption of non-renewable energies and CO2 emissions;

Nh Politica Qasrs 07 E1637337295612 Actively assume the commitment to environment protection, properly managing waste and scarce natural resources such as water and energy;

Nh Politica Qasrs 07 E1637337295612 Implement a set of measures to ensure safe and healthy working conditions, preventing injuries and health affections, within the scope of hotel activity and considering the safety and health risks and opportunities of the activities performed;

Nh Politica Qasrs 07 E1637337295612 Eliminate hazards and reduce risks, ensuring the consultation and participation of workers.


Our Commitments:

Nh Politica Qasrs 11The implementation of actions related to corporate social responsibility is a permanent focus, in order to promote the development of the communities surrounding the company, ensuring their economic and social growth.

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The continuous improvement in the performance of quality, environment, safety and social responsibility is a permanent ambition that forces us to review the objectives and goals we set ourselves.

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We commit to comply with the legal requirements of quality, environment and safety, applicable to the activity, as well as other requirements subscribed regarding environmental aspects, hazards to safety and health at work, good practices of social responsibility or requirements of the interested parties.

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We invest in awareness-raising and continuous training of our employees on issues related to quality, environment, safety and social responsibility, with a view to appropriate and responsible performance of the activity, as the interested parties trust/revive the organization and value its facilities for the provision of distinctive services.

Nh Politica Qasrs 21We have implemented a self-control and HACCP system, in order to ensure and promote food hygiene and safety.



We are proud of our policy, and we thank those who trust us.


Lisboa, 15th July 2022

The Administration

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